1. MEE KROB - Crispy Noodle                                                           12.25

Crispy rice noodles with shrimp, chicken, fresh carrot, green onions and bean sprouts glazed with tamarind sauce.


2. MEE KROB JEI  |  Vegetarian Crispy Noodle.                               12.25

Crispy rice noodles with tofu, fresh carrot, green onions and bean sprouts glazed with tamarind sauce.


3. PHUKET CRISPY ROLLS                                                                 6.75

Crispy rolls stuffed with glassy noodles and vegetable, served with
sweet & sour sauce.


4. FRIED WONTON                                                                               8.75

Deep fried wonton, stuffed with a mixture of ground pork, pea and carrot   with sweet & sour sauce.


5. SATAY (Chicken or Beef)                                             13.50/Beef 15.50

Barbecued chunks of beef or chicken with our special peanut sauce.


6. ANGEL WINGS (2 Wings)                                                               16.00

De-boned chicken wing stuffed with ground pork, chicken, onion, pea and carrot, dry mushroom and clear noodles.


7. FRIED SHRIMP                                                                                  13.00

Deep fried marinated shrimp wrapped with wonton skin in special seasoning.


9. PHUKET NAKED SHRIMPS                                                            14.00

Grilled shrimp with sliced pineapple, tomato, fresh salad served with sweet     & sour cucumber sauce.


11. FRIED TOFU                                                                                      8.75

Crispy tofu with sweet and sour sauce topped with ground peanut.


12. FRESH SPRING ROLLS                                                                  12.00

Shrimp, basil, bean sprout, cucumber, and carrots wrapped in rice paper, served with our special red wine vinegar.


12A. CHICKEN POT STICKER (6 PCS)                                                 7.25

Choice of steamed or fried dumplings stuffed with minced chicken, napa  cabbage and green onion.


12B. EDAMAME                                                                                    5.50


12C. CREAM CHEESE WONTONS (4 PCS)                                            7.00

Imitation crab meat with cream cheese in wonton skin.


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