Curries :

63. PANANG 11.00

Sliced meat in spicy panang curry with coconut milk,

bell pepper & basil.


64. GREEN CURRY 11.00

Sliced meat in green curry, coconut milk, and Italian squash,

bell pepper and basil.


65. RED CURRY 11.00

Sliced meat and bamboo shoots, bell pepper, and basil in red curry with coconut milk.


66. YELLOW CURRY 11.00

Sliced meat, potatoes, onion and carrot in spicy yellow curry with coconut milk.


67. DUCK RED CURRY 14.00

BBQ duck in our special red curry sauce with pineapple, tomatoes & basil.


68. SHRIMP CURRY 13.50

Shrimp and pineapple, in special red curry with coconut milk.



Your Choice of Tofu, Pork, or Chicken Beef add $1.00 Shrimp add $2.00 (Rice not included)

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