Entrees :

Your Choice of Tofu, Pork, or Chicken Beef add $1.00 Shrimp add $2.00


29. IMPERIAL                                                                                       10.00

Stir fried with broccoli and oyster sauce.


29A.  SIZZLING BEEF                                                                          14.00

Marinated tender beef with snow peas, mushroom, bell pepper and onions in Chef’s special sauce. Served on hot sizzling plate over with red wine and sprinkle with   sesame seeds.


30.  MONGOLIAN                                                                                 11.00

Mushroom & oyster sauce topped with   crispy fried noodles. Served  with fresh salad.


31.  GARLIC                                                                                        11.00

Stir fried mushroom, fresh garlic and black pepper served with fresh salad.


32.  PORK PRIG KING                                                                    11.50

Green bean in our special dry curry sauce.


33.  GINGER                                                                                        11.00

Fresh ginger, mushroom, bell peppers,   snow pea and onion.


34.  PHUKET THAI BARBECUED CHICKEN                                      11.25

Half chicken marinated in Thai style   sauce and barbecued to perfection.


35.  BABY CORN WITH CHICKEN                                                       10.00

Sliced chicken with baby corn, mushroom,  snow pea, carrot and onion.


36. PHUKET SPECIAL                                                                        10.75

Sliced chicken with onion roasted chili, cashew nuts and mushroom in our   chef's special sauce.


37.  CASHEW CHICKEN                                                                      10.75

Sliced chicken with cashew nuts, onion and roasted chili.


38.  RUBY SIAM                                                                                  11.00

Sliced chicken with cashew nuts, roasted chili, onion, mixed vegetables in our house   special sauce.


39.  LOVER HONEYMOON                                                                 10.50

Chicken with onion, cucumber, bell pepper, tomatoes, pineapple and  sweet & sour sauce. (Add shrimp $2.00)


40. CHICKEN BASIL                                                                       10.25

Sliced chicken with green bean, onion, bell pepper and basil leaves. Stir fried in hot chili sauce.


41. BAMBOO ROYALE                                                                   10.00

Sliced chicken with bamboo shoots, onion, bell pepper, garlic and a touch of chili.


42. KUNG PAO KAI                                                                         10.75

Stir fried chicken with snow pea, bamboo shoot, onion, celery, bell pepper, peanut and dried chili.


43. GINGER DUCK                                                                               14.00

Deep fried duck meat with ginger and chili paste in chef's special sauce topped with cashew nuts, served on a bed of steamed broccoli.


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