13. VEGETABLE SOUP (Vegetarian)                                         7.50 | 9.75

Fresh mixed vegetables with soft tofu.


14. WONTON SOUP                                                       9.00 | 12.00

Wonton with shrimp, chicken and vegetables.

(Ground pork and shrimp inside wonton)


15. TOM YUM - Hot & Sour Soup (Chicken)                    9.00 | 12.00

Authentic Thai soup with chicken, mushroom, Thai spices, and lemon juice.  (For shrimp add $2.50)


16. TOM KHA -  Coconut Milk Soup (Chicken)               9.00 | 12.50

Authentic Thai soup with chicken, coconut milk, Thai spices, lemon juice   and mushroom. (For shrimp add $2.00)


17. TOM KHA SEAFOOD Coconut Milk Soup (Seafood) 11.75 |19.50

Authentic Thai soup with mussels, shrimp, scallops, squids, coconut milk,  cabbage, Thai spices and lemon juice.


18. SPICY SEAFOOD SOUP                                               11.75 | 19.50

Mussels, shrimp, scallops, squids, mushroom in hot & sour soup.


18A. SPICY SOLE FISH SOUP                                                       12.50

Sole fish in hot & sour soup, come with tomatoes, mushroom, red onion, ginger, sweet basil and a touch of fresh chili.

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