Vegetarian :

Rice not included.


69.  VEGETABLE FRIED RICE                                                   11.50

Fried rice with assorted vegetables, eggs and fried tofu.


70. TOFU PHAD THAI                                                                11.50

Thai noodles stir-fried with eggs, tofu, peanuts and mixed vegetable.


71.  VEGETABLE AND TOFU CURRY                                  12.00

Assorted vegetables and tofu in red curry sauce.


72. THAI VEGETABLES                                                             10.75

Assorted vegetables and tofu sautéed with light soy sauce.


73. GREEN BEAN & TOFU                                                       12.00

Sautéed green bean and tofu in light mushroom sauce.


74. GARLIC TOFU                                                                     10.75

Stir-fried tofu with broccoli, fresh garlic and black pepper in light mushroom sauce.


74A. PRA-RAM SOFT TOFU                                                     10.50

Steamed spinach with peanut sauce.


74B. SPINACH DELIGHT DEEP FRIED TOFU                         10.50

Sautéed spinach with oyster sauce.

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